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Learning resources in English

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The URV's language-learning platform for improving communicative skills in English. If you wish to use this platform, please get in touch with the EAL:  campus Catalunya(ELIMINAR)campus Sesceladescampus Terres de l'Ebre(ELIMINAR).

Quantum Leap

Online English site, with themed modules that contain interactive activities for practising and improving listening, reading and writing (recommended for people with at least a B1 level of language).

BBC Learning English

Website for practising English (both general and business). It includes grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation exercises, as well as numerous audio and video files for practising listening.

British Council - Learn English

Website with sections for working on listening, grammar, vocabulary, specialised business language, preparing the IELTS exam, etc. You must register if you wish to be able to access all applications and sections.