Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Structure of the B1 Italian exam

The URV's B1 Italian exam consists of four sections, which evaluate different aspects of language competence. The pass mark is 70%.

Section Content Length

This section consists of various texts of different types with exercises such as matching, multiple choice, true-false, etc.

150 minutes 

Grammatical competence Candidates are required to show their command of orthography, morphology, syntax and lexis. Most exercises are text based.
Writing Candidates have to write two texts of different types. In total they must write about 250 words.

In this section candidates have to listen to various recordings of different types and complete a related open- or closed-response exercise.

30 minutes

The speaking section consists of three parts: a short individual interview, a commentary on a text that candidates have had time to prepare, and a conversation with their partner about the issues raised by the text or texts in part two. Candidates do the speaking test in pairs and they have to show their ability to communicate orally.

20 minutes