Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Structure of the B1 French exam

The URV's B1 French exam consists of four sections, which evaluate different aspects of language competence. The pass mark is 70%.

Section Content Length %
Reading Candidates must show that they understand simple original and/or slightly adapted texts at the word, phrase, paragraph and whole text level. There are two parts and a minimum of two texts (one of the parts can contain more than one text). The items that evaluate a candidate's understanding can be of various types: multiple choice, chronological ordering of paragraphs, inserting sentences into the text, true-false, etc. 35 minutes 25%
Listening Candidates have to answer questions about three different recordings. Each text lasts for a maximum of six minutes and is played twice. 25 minutes  25%
Writing Candidates have to write a text of between 160 and 180 words expressing their opinion on a subject of general interest. 45 minutes 25%

The test consists of two parts. In the first, the candidates introduce themselves and speak about their daily lives. In the second, they discuss a written text that they read and prepare before the speaking test begins.

15 minutes 25%