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More resources in Spanish

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Urgent Spanish Foundation

Recommendations and forum to help those who use Spanish in their daily work.

Reference corpus of current Spanish

Corpus of the Royal Academy that has systemized written and oral texts in Spanish since 1975 (more than 160 million entries) and which provides information about meanings and word contexts. 

Dictionary of neologisms

Dictionary of the UPF's University Institute of Applied Linguistics (IULA) that brings together more than 4,000 neologisms in Spanish that have been published in the press.

Handbook of Urgent Spanish

Clarifications and reports on saint's days, toponyms, demonyms, transcriptions and translations by the EFE Agency.


A collection of lexicographic tools that includes a thesaurus, a verb conjugator and a search engine for similar terms, complied by the University of Oviedo.

The EU's interinstitutional style guide

Uniform stylistic rules and conventions drafted by the language services of the European Union which must be used in the texts of all EU institutions.