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Online grammar and spell checker

Grammar and spell checker from Softcatalà. The text to be corrected must be written or pasted: the errors are highlighted automatically and corrections are suggested.  

Grammatical criteria and conventions

Explanations about grammar (spelling, syntax, morphology, lexis, etc.) and conventions. Select the section "criteris" under the Optimot search bar


Practical summary of Catalan grammar: phonetics and spelling, morphology and syntax (language portal of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media)

Names of people

Search engine for names of people in Catalan, with equivalencies in Spanish. More than 2,000 entries (Department of Justice of the Catalan Government)


Catalan thesaurus


Collection of toponyms from the Catalan-speaking territories and a selection of toponyms from around the world (language portal of the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media)

Conjugated verbs

Conjugations of all verbs. Select the section "verbs conjugats" under the Optimot search bar and write the infinitive of the verb.