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Undergraduate students

Writing guide for undergrads

Recommendations on how to improve academic essays in English

Academic writing at Warwick

A writing guide that has links to sections on academic reading, listening, speaking and grammar

Oral presentations

A guide on preparing and delivering oral presentations



A phrasebook that teaching staff can use to prepare their classes in English

English for conferences

A website that gives advice on preparing oral presentations at congresses

Duke graduate school writing resource

A resource that helps researchers improve their scientific writing in English

Writing studio. Tools and resources for writers

Website of the University of Colorado with a wide range of different resources


Advice on how to write a scientific article


Online English grammar resources

An exhaustive guide of English grammar

Practical guide to English usage. Comparing and contrasting English and Catalan

A guide published by the UOC that compares and contrasts English and Catalan

European Union interinstitutional style guide

Uniform stylistic rules and conventions which must be used by all the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the European Union. Produced by representatives of the main linguistic services of the institutions, it is available in 24 European languages.


A thesaurus with synonyms and antonyms

British national corpus

A corpus of British English

US College Student Writing Guide

          Guide for bibliographic citations in various formats (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, AAA and CSE)